Your Beginning With MI

Motivational interview deals with preparing people for a change. It is a client-centric-directive method for improving internal motivation for changing, researching and resolving ambivalence. It is the challenge of internal motivation for change, and not the strategy for imposing a change of behavior. The main focus is on finding and resolving ambivalence as the key to triggering a change. A motivational interview is not a solution to all behavioral problems, but it’s a start.

Motivational interview and systematic motivational counseling (SMS)

Motivational interview and systematic motivational counseling (SMS)One of the more pronounced differences between Systematic motivational counseling and Motivational interviews is that counseling is in the past fifty years increasingly associated with cognitive behavioral terrors and research. SMS is a more structured, more elaborate approach. Structure, on the other hand, can be a disadvantage, since such a type of consultation then becomes less applicable to short interventions in generalized settings whose implementation is continuously growing today and would obviously require more efforts for practitioners to become competent for its use.

Strategic Change

With appropriate help and tools, some of the aspects of a personality can be changed enough to help the person benefit from it. The goal is to create a system that will be self-sustaining and capable of producing its motivation so that a person will have the will and strength to implement the changes he or she wants and needs.

Believing is not a question – no one is ever a lost cause. Perspectives often change, and everyone needs someone who will help them to see the other sides of things. Talk to somebody and allow yourself to see the world from the angles that are unknown to you right now.

Strenght is in all of us – never assume that you know in advance how much strength you have and what its source is. People constantly change and with it the source of their strength. If at first you cant find it or have the impression that it has disappeared forever, look for help from a close and stable person or a professional. Strenght is in us all, always.

Take a positive risk – so far you’ve probably taken up a series of negative risks that can be related to certain thoughts, actions, or life decisions. Try now to take a positive risk. The risk in surrounding yourself with positive people, risk getting hugged, risk becoming more responsible and more stable.