Things You Can Do at Home to Stay Upbeat and Motivated

Motivation is a core emotion that’s necessary to have a healthy, productive life; it’s difficult to be motivated when you are feeling down and lethargic!

While short-term motivation can derive from positive thinking, we all hit bumps in the road. For sustainable long-term motivation, it must come from within. Namely, the achievement of small tasks produces prideful feelings from the accomplishment and a fresh jolt of motivation to push on to achieve greater things.

Focus on Quick Wins to Get Moving Again (If You’re Stuck)

Getting quick wins early on is important because temporary motivation from seeing an uplifting YouTube video doesn’t last. It helps to know your why. Why do you want to succeed at something? Motivation doesn’t survive in a vacuum; if you believe your why will be helpful, write it down. Add it to the top of your To Do list or as a Post It on your monitor.

Just like Dave Ramsey, the financial radio host, advises his callers, focus on paying off the smallest debt first regardless of the interest rates, then home in on a quick task for an easy win. It provides proof you’re getting somewhere which increases the motivation to continue. Without the proof, many of us will stop in our tracks and give up before seeing any progress. Get the easy win now and make great strides later.

Create a Plan and Work the Plan Daily

Setting goals, creating a plan for their achievement and working the plan every day is a proven method to succeed. To be happy, most of us need goals and things to pursue. This might be a woodworking project at home, redecorating the bedroom to make it ‘just right’ or getting a promotion at work.

Whatever your goals, just having something to work towards tends to brighten our outlook, level of motivation and happiness. This is also shown to be true with retirees who still need hobbies and interests, otherwise they end up very unhappy because they feel like there’s nothing to live for now.

Clear Mind, Cleaner Home

While mediation has been found to calm the mind and improve the disposition, along with a clear mind is the need to live in a pleasant environment. Perhaps your home is cluttered and needs clearing out to make space for the new? Just not feeling hemmed in with too much stuff everywhere is very freeing for mental clarity. It also stops you feeling like your home is too small.

Another thing to do is to get your house or condo apartment cleaned top to bottom. Just like buying new clothes and wearing them for the first time, having a cleaner home is cleansing all around. Consider paying for a service that offers house cleaning Raleigh NC to give everything a thorough spring cleaning any month of the year.

There are many things that go into getting and staying motivated. Some tricks work in the short-term, but for long-term motivation, being focused on your goals and taking daily action towards their attainment keeps you looking ahead.