Why You Should Never Give Up on Following Your Dreams

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? As a child, you probably just went with your dreams and passions; there was no reason for you to think about the logistics of getting there. Maybe you wanted to be a doctor, a fireman, or even a ballerina. But sadly, most adults don’t pursue their childhood dreams. As we grow up, we have other things to worry about – student loans, passing exams, creating an impressive enough resume to land the job. Yes, it’s not as easy as it seemed back when you were a carefree little kid, but is that a good enough reason to give up? Maybe your dreams now are different from what they were back then, but are you chasing them? Here are some reasons why you should never give up on your dreams.

#1. Learn from Failure:

Fear of failure is one of the biggest factors holding thousands of people around the world back from pursuing their dreams. But, failure can be more beneficial to you than you may realize. In fact, your approach to failure can be everything – learn from it, and you’re far more likely to succeed in the future. Consider some famous entrepreneurs – they’ve all had to deal with failure at some point. Bill Gates, the world-famous Microsoft founder, probably felt like a failure when he dropped out of college – but look at him now!


#2. Small Successes:

Big dreams don’t come true overnight – often, they’re the result of several small successes along the way. Yes, it may take you some time, effort and lots of determination to reach your life goals, but even if your progress is slow, it’s better than no progress at all. Look at Steve from Verellenhc – he overcame a childhood plagued by bullies and anxiety to finally follow his passions and set up a business doing what he loves. It wasn’t easy, but he was determined to succeed, and eventually made it to where he wanted to be. Now, he even employs one of the people who used to bully him as a child.

#3. Motivate Others:

Never giving up on your dreams isn’t just beneficial for you. It can also help to motivate those around you who you care about the most. For example, if you have children, or plan to start a family one day, your determination to get to where you want to be in life can be extremely motivating for them, and they’ll follow your example. Whether you agree with his views or not, you can’t deny that U.S. President Donald Trump has inspired his children to start their own businesses and pursue professional careers.

#4. Enjoy the Journey:

Lastly, chasing your dreams isn’t just about the end goal. In fact, the pursuit can be a wonderful experience. Along the way you’ll make memories, friends, and learn new things that you may never have had the opportunity to do otherwise. Remember that in the end, it’s your life, so make the best one for yourself.

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