5 Ways To Keep Your Motivation

The other half of motivation is the ability to move on, even if you do not feel the same thrill as at the beginning. Perhaps the circumstances have changed, and your old goal is no longer a priority. You may have skipped a day or two, and the return to the track seems too difficult. You may have screwed up somewhere, and you are discouraged now. If you can resume it again, you will arrive at the end, but if you give up, you will not. Here are tips to help you not give up and finish what you started.

1. Just start

Just startThere are days when you do not do anything useful. Instead of thinking about how difficult it is, and how long it will last, just start. First, make yourself stand up, then make a step, and the next step, and just start. If you feel bad, take a break, but as long as you have any energy, push yourself. When you sit in the house and think about the effort and the tiredness, everything looks difficult. But start, and you’ll see it’s not as hard as it seemed to you.

2. Be responsible

If you have committed to the public, either through the blog, your friends, or your family, be responsible to these people. Be sure to report them daily and stick to it.

3. Detect negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones

This is one of the most important motivational skills, and I suggest you practice it every day. It’s important that you start by monitoring your flow of thoughts, and by detecting negative conversations. Just try to detect any negative thought that goes through your head. Then, after a few days, go to the next step – delete. Every time you think of something negative, tell yourself that you will now better treat yourself, that it’s not right to think about it and replace your negative thought positive. Over time, you will win over negativity.

4. Build on your successes

Every small step on your way is a success – celebrate the fact that you have started at all. Celebrate every little step. And then, with this feeling, proceed to the next small step. Each step will make you feel more successful. Make every step small, really small. After a few months, these steps will make great progress and a lot of success!

5. Simply ignore bad moments

Motivation is not a constant thing that will always be there for you. She comes and goes, and comes back and leaves, like tide and tide. But always when you go, keep in mind that this is not permanent. Motivation will return. In the meantime, read about your goal, ask for help and work on other tips from this text until you return. It’s hard to do something alone. Find your support network, either in the real world, on the Internet, or both.